Post Surgery Update

Yesterday morning we got up before 5 AM Utah time (4 AM our time) and headed to the hospital. Kohen got checked in, his port was accessed (see below image), and we said our goodbyes as he headed off to anesthesiology shortly after 7:30 AM. The surgery itself began at approximately 9:30 AM.

While the surgery was taking place, Courtney and I left the hospital to grab lunch, then returned where we waited the remaining hours to be reunited with our son.

Besides needing two blood transfusions, Kohen did very well during his surgery. And not only was the tumor successfully removed from his leg, the rotationplasty was successful as well.

When surgery finally concluded around 8:30 PM, we got to see our precious baby boy again.

Now the long process of healing, rehabilitation, and physical therapy begins (all the while receiving eighteen more weeks of chemotherapy).

We are hoping that recovery over the next week goes well so we can be home in time for Kohen’s sixth birthday that will be upon us in less than two weeks.


4 thoughts on “Post Surgery Update

  1. Jonita Brown

    So very very happy that things went well with little Kohen’s surgery. Kohen seems to be so resilient that I bet this won’t keep the little guy down for very long. Prayers and love to the Pattisons.


  2. jonitab

    So very happy to hear that everything went well with Kohen’s surgery. This is one tough, resilient little guy and it won’t be long until he’s bouncing around. He has the sweetest little face and is always smiling. Courtney and Jerry, you guys are awesome on dealing with this and we so appreciate all the updates. Prayers and love to the Pattisons.


  3. Starla Smith

    My love and prayers to this cute little man. He is so brave. My love to all of you. Stay healthy and strong and safe. Auntie S

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