• A Most Sobering One-Year Anniversary.

    11/08/2020 by

    It was one year ago today, November 15, 2019, that we learned our precious little boy had cancer. The ensuing nine months were fraught with faith-challenging uncertainty, terrifying trials, and unparalleled anguish—an experience we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Here are some insights into what life has been like in our family since my last update… Read more

  • Praise God from whom all blessing flow.

    08/09/2020 by

    Praise God that Kohen’s rotationplasty surgery in March was a success. Praise God that Kohen rehabilitated exceptionally well. Praise God that Kohen has been learning to use his prosthetic like a pro. Praise God for all of you who were there for Kohen throughout this ordeal, supporting him and his family as we traversed the… Read more

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