• Get Acquainted With Kohen

    07/15/2020 by

    Today marks eight months since our world came crashing down and our hearts were broken like nothing else we’ve ever experienced. Eight long months of a grueling journey to save Kohen’s life. But who is Kohen?  Over the past eight months it’s been easy to get lost in the chaos and grief of Kohen’s cancer,… Read more

  • Fevers, Nightmares, and Horses!

    07/02/2020 by

    FEVER As reported in my previous update, Kohen and Courtney left for the hospital around 10:30 PM on June 13th after Kohen spiked a fever of 101.7 (anything over 100.5 requires a trip to the hospital because during chemotherapy a fever can mean Kohen has an infection in his body, and that can be life… Read more

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