On November 15, 2019, an x-ray for persistent leg pain in our five-year-old son’s left leg revealed a large tumor that originated in the bone of the upper portion of his femur. After an MRI, we were told by an oncologist in Reno, Nevada that it is likely Ewing Sarcoma. A week later a biopsy was conducted in Salt Lake City, Utah where we were told it was Osteosarcoma.

With only a 70% survival rate, our family has moved from the mourning phase of this life-shattering news, to the action phase where we are fighting for Kohen’s life.

This blog will chronicle that battle, and with it I hope to accomplish three objectives:

1). Bring awareness of our son’s condition in the hope to garner more encouragement and support for the long battle ahead.

2). Provide a therapeutic outlet for everything me and my family are going through.

3). Offer help, support, and encouragement to other families who are going through what we’re going through now, and for those families who don’t know it yet, but will be going through it in the future.


Kohen’s daddy