End of May Update

Within two hours of posting my last update, we received word from the surgeon that Kohen can put full weight on his leg.

Woo hoo!

After I got home later that day, I received a wonderful treat. With his prosthetic on, Kohen walked unaided down the hall and into my arms where I was waiting for him (praise God from whom all blessings flow). It was a feeling like none other in the world. I am so proud of that boy.

Speaking of progress, back in the beginning of May, after watching an old Cosby Show together, my kids were enamored with the episode featuring Theo Huxtable and friends busting out some breakdancing moves. Of course, my kids thought it was pretty cool and wanted to give it a try. So I had to dig deep into the wayback machine to find a few tunes from my youth, and then the Pattison house was hip-hoppin’ and breakdancing!

Here is a video of Kohen breakdancing only two months post surgery. Nothing can hold this kid back.

3 thoughts on “End of May Update

  1. Aunt Dtarla

    He is so cute ! Nothing holds this little man down! I am so happy for his progress!😘❤️❤️


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