A Brief Glimpse Behind The Cancer Curtain

Unless you’ve experienced cancer yourself, or have gone through it with someone very close to you, it’s hard for most people to even begin to comprehend how it affects every facet of your life. Until a month and a half ago, I was one of those people.

So today I would like to give you a little peek into our lives (a glimpse behind the cancer curtain) by sharing this brief 30-second clip of the pain our son had to endure the other day while we were trying to move him. Perhaps a video—more than written words—can better illustrate just how trying and challenging that caring for Kohen has become.

I pray Kohen never considers himself a burden on us, for we are honored to call him our son, and we will be by his side through this journey—throughout the entire ordeal—because we are his parents, we love him with all our hearts, and that’s just what mommies and daddies do.

For those looking for ways to help:

1). Pray

Pray for healing, encouragement, and strength for Kohen and his family.

2). Send Kohen a card

Send cards and letters of encouragement to:

Kohen Pattison

PO Box 45

Silver Springs, NV 89429

3). Provide financial support through GoFundMe

Link here

4). Share the GoFundMe link on social media

Link here

5). Share The Kohen Chronicles on social media

Link here

6). Buy the Kohen’s Warriors T-Shirt

Link here


One thought on “A Brief Glimpse Behind The Cancer Curtain

  1. Kelly

    The video was excruciating to watch. I cant begin to express how sorry I am. He is so strong and so special. I send all my prayers to your family. How are the other children doing with all of this. I cant imagine how they must feel. Please know we are thinking of you all.


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