Finding Comfort From Those Whose Feet Have Tread This Very Path


Day Twenty-Four: Sunday, December 08, 2019

My wife and I were blessed by a visit from two lovely couples. And we were able to witness firsthand, the very providence that some will simply dismiss as coincidence.

But first, a little backstory:

Several times this past year our family had visited a church in the town to the east of where we live. After service we would chat with a few different people (out of the several hundred in weekly attendance), but there were two couples in particular that we tended to speak with regularly.

Now fast forward to December 08, 2019. These same two couples came to our home to be with us in our grief. We all sat in the living room and conversed about what was happening with Kohen. Then the amazing happened: we discovered each couple had their own cancer histories.

One couple, we discovered, has a son who suffered through leukemia about ten years earlier as a teen. Their son now works as a nurse in that same childhood cancer ward and that is where Kohen will be receiving his chemo treatment. So their son will be helping our son.

Wow, what a “coincidence,” right?

The second couple, we learned, had a twenty-year-old daughter who–also about ten years ago–suffered from cancer. She had Osteosarcoma in her upper leg . . . the exact same cancer in the exact same spot as Kohen.

Sadly, their precious daughter did not survive.

What makes this all so amazing is that out of a church of hundreds of people, the two couples we met and conversed with on each occasion we visited, just so happened to have past cancer stories that wove intrinsically into our current cancer story, and Courtney and I knew nothing about their histories until this visit.

Additionally, the fact that these two couples came to encourage us, and even brought encouragement and financial support from other members of the church that we don’t know and have never met (and all of this in spite of not even being members at their church) was a beautiful and merciful act of kindness of the caliber of James 1:27.

This visit was encouraging and helpful. Courtney and I have personally talked with many people about Kohen and his situation, but none who have suffered with experiences so closely related to ours. It was just what we needed.

After the visit, I pondered what our family’s future will look like because Courtney and I were exposed to two potential outcomes: one good, where a twelve-year-old boy beat cancer and is now working in the very same facility where he beat that cancer; and the other story where the end was the most devastating a parent could experience.

Perhaps Courtney and I are being encouraged for one potential outcome . . . or maybe we’re being prepared for the other. Either way it is not ours to know now, nor to worry about, but we are to trust the One who is sovereign over all things, including cancer.

4 thoughts on “Finding Comfort From Those Whose Feet Have Tread This Very Path

  1. Debbie

    Amen. THANKING JESUS for this comfort and much needed reminder of His sovereign reign even in dark days. Continuing to pray for you and your family.

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  2. Yaasha

    I’m crying and I can’t tell if it’s because the pain or this journey is so heart-breaking or because the beauty of our generous God is so overwhelming. In our own way, my family has received similar love from “sacred strangers,” brothers and sisters who God sent at just the right time, with stories that were just what we needed. It’s amazing every time.

    I’ve never met you and your family in person, but please know, you are prayed for and loved.

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  3. Noreen Swenson

    Kohen and your family are constantly in our thoughts, and our prayers for you all continue. The song “Blessings” echoed often through my heart during our journey. “. . . What if Your blessings come through raindrops? What if Your healing comes through tears? WHAT IF A THOUSAND SLEEPLESS NIGHTS ARE WHAT IT TAKES TO KNOW YOU’RE NEAR? What if the trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise?” Sometimes we never understand God’s plan, but just as you said, we do know that He is sovereign over all things and all things work together for His glory. Much love to your family. Praying Kohen is home for Christmas!

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  4. June Smith

    Your posts are beautifully written. The great love you and Courtney have for Kohen, shines through all you’re experiencing. Much love to all of you. Aunt June

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